Power Copy Tool for DocuWare

Migrate your changes between different DocuWare systems! DocuWare Cloud and on-premise versions are supported and you need only standard DocuWare configuration – no custom requirements.


You can connect to two different DocuWare systems at the same time. We support exported workflow, preconfigured solution files and your mapping proposal can be reused.


Automatically publish copied workflows, create the missing select lists, field mask and roles, check the external select lists for required file cabinets and much more!

Object 13
Obraz1 Kopia

Few simple steps

1. Select the source and destination systems

2. Select which item you want to migrate and click Copy button

3. Mapping proposal is prepared

4. Click OK to copy

Extension for DocuWare

You have access to more options which makes your work faster, such as exporting information about users, connecting with two systems at the same time and more!

Documentation Generator

Create the technical documentation from your DocuWare system configuration. Prepare the documentation for users, roles, groups, index profiles, file cabinets, select lists and workflows.

Only 3.000 EUR

- Licensing for ADP’s

- No restrictions on the number of projects - once bought, it can be used wherever you wan

- Perpetual license

During copying, the Power Copy Tool:

Object 12

Comparison of basic functionalities

Standard DocuWare Power Copy
Export workflows to file
Read from file
Export information about users
Connect with two systems at the same time
Export file cabinets
Export other configuration items
✔ (as preconfigured solution bundle)
Import single workflow
Mapping the reference to select lists, roles, and other configuration items
Import single file cabinet, select list, field mask, role, autoindex, document relations, general profile
Update existing file cabinet, select list, role, field mask, autoindex, document relation, general profile
Copy reference to select list during import/copy process
Copy Permissions (reference to users and roles)
Copy Field Mask reference during import/copy process
Automatically create the missing select list, field mask, roles
Create the mapping for config items
Reuse the mapping file
Publish copied workflows

*File cabinet can be imported on the same system. In case of different system references to select lists, users and roles are not mapped

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